Calamari Steak10

Fried & sliced, served with Caesar dressing and marinara.


Crab Cake10

Savory stuffing with crab meat, breaded and fried on a plate of roasted tomato butter sauce.


Skillet Mussels10

Mussels in a red or white wine sauce.


Italian Quesadilla7

Italian sausage, green, red & yellow bell peppers and onions sautéed in our marinara sauce,placed between 2 crispy flour tortillas with melted mozzarella cheese, served with garlic/spice olive oil for dipping.


Skillet Mushrooms5

Mushrooms sautéed in white wine.


Gorgonzola Bread4.5

Fried Ravioli8

Fried Mozzarella8


Bowl of Soup5

Ask for soup of the day


House Salad6

Mixed greens with cucumbers, tomatoes, green apples and our vinaigrette dressing.

with Chicken9
with Shrimp10

Original Caesar Salad6

Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing. Topped with anchovy on request.


Tomato Mozzarella7

Sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese topped with fresh basil, seasonings, olive oil and a blend of Worcester sauce and Balsamic Vinegar.


Grilled Chicken Caesar9

Sautéed Shrimp Caesar10

Crab Cake Caesar12

Smoked Salmon Caesar12

Spinach Salad6.5


Genoa Chopped Salad8.5

Chopped romaine, turkey, salami and Monterrey Jack cheese with fresh basil, garbanzo beans, tomatoes. Tossed in a light oil and vinegar dressing.


“Auntie Pasto’s” Warm Goat Cheese Salad9.5

Goat cheese patty encrusted with ground walnuts, over mixed greens with balsamic honey Dijon.

with Chicken12.5
with Shrimp13.5

Mediterranean Salad10

Romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and feta cheese with cold Pesto Rotini pasta. Topped with green olives and slender rolls of prosciutto ham with our vinaigrette dressing.


Bistro Steak Salad10

Fresh Spring Mix lettuces, thin sliced flat iron steak, Monterrey Jack cheese, tomatoes and sliced pears. Served with a Cilantro Lime dressing.



*Extra ingredients available for an additional charge

Roasted Garlic Chicken with Red Onions11

Fresh Tomato Basil with Mozzarella11

Four Cheese (Monterrey Jack, Parmesan, Goat Cheese & Mozzarella)11

Pepperoni / Ground Beef / Bell Peppers11

Spinach / Artichoke / Feta / Mushroom11

Half & Half12


*Add shrimp & crawfish topping to any dish for an additional 6.5
*Whole wheat penne or Gluten free penne for an additional 2.5
Add side salad, House or Ceasar for 1.50 to any pasta or entree

Pasta Alfredo11

Pasta in a garlic cream sauce with fresh, grated parmesan. Eddie Minelli’s secret recipe.

with Chicken13
with Shrimp14

Clams Tuscano14

Chopped clams, spicy tomato cream sauce over pasta.


Chicken Milano12

Pieces of chicken, sundried tomatoes & broccoli sautéed in olive oil with garlic & parmesan, served over pasta.

with Shrimp13

Meat Sauce11

Pasta served with our traditional meat sauce.


Meatball & Pasta11

Marinara sauce and pasta served with two large


“The Works”(2) 14 / (3) 15

Three meat pasta. Meatballs, meat sauce and sausage over pasta with grated parmesan cheese.


Basil, Garlic & Tomatoes10

Pasta served with crushed tomato, fresh basil & garlic, just a splash of olive oil.

with Chicken12
with Shrimp13

Sausage & Peppers13

Italian Sausage with sautéed onions, green, red & yellow peppers with marinara.


Seafood Pasta16

Mussels in the shell, calamari, blackened fish, shrimp, chopped clams, tomatoes & olives sautéed in white wine and marinara.


Spinach & Cream12

Light cream sauce with chopped spinach, a hint of nutmeg & garlic.


Creamy Pesto12

Cream sauce with pesto (Fresh basil, walnuts, parmesan)


Mixed Vegetables~Pasta Primavera11

Fresh vegetables which may include zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, leeks, green beans. Sautéed in marinara served over spaghetti.


Steak & Peppers16

Beef tenderloin pieces sautéed with mushrooms, onions & bell pepper, deglazed with red wine and a touch of marinara, served over pasta.


Crawfish Ravioli14

A bowl of cheese-filled ravioli topped with our tomato cream sauce and crawfish tails.


Fresh Spicy Angel Hair with Shrimp14

Sautéed shrimp with diced peppers, onions, cilantro over angel hair pasta with a spicy vegetable & seafood broth.


Fettuccini with Cilantro, Jalapenos & Crawfish14

Fettuccini pasta in a cream sauce with crawfish, jalapeno & cilantro.


Black Bean Pasta13

Southwestern-style pasta with cilantro onions, tri-colored peppers and black beans in a cream sauce with goat cheese topped with chicken and served over fettuccini.


Smoked Salmon with Dill13

Sliced smoked salmon tossed with our garlic cream sauce & dill, served over fettuccini.


Traditional Lasagna12

Layers of Italian sausage, ground beef, mozzarella, fresh basil & marinara between lasagna noodles.


Linguine with White Clam Sauce14

Chopped clams tossed with linguine in a traditional white clam sauce (clam juice, white wine, lemon & spices, topped with a layer of bread crumbs). (also available with marinara or tomato cream sauce.)


Scallops & Angel Hair15

Large sea scallops served with angel hair pasta, tossed in our zesty tomato butter sauce, topped with a dollop of our tomatillo sauce.


“Signature” Fresh Black Pepper Fettuccini with Shrimp14.5

Fresh black pepper fettuccini in a cream sauce with sautéed shrimp, Portobello mushrooms & smoked bacon.



Eggplant Parmesan14

Sliced eggplant, egg washed and sautéed with jack cheese, parmesan, white wine & tomato sauce, served with pasta & vegetables.


Gorgonzola Chicken14.5

Chicken breast, sautéed in pesto sauce with sundried tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese over mixed vegetables.


Chicken Marsala14.5

Chicken breast, in marsala wine sauce with mushrooms, onions, and a touch of marinara, served with pasta & vegetables.


Snapper Meuniere18

Snapper filet sautéed in brown lemon butter sauce with parsley, served with pasta & vegetables.


Chicken Piccata14.5

Chicken breast, egg washed & sautéed with lemons, capers, onions, butter & white wine, served with pasta & vegetables.


Calamari Piccata15

Calamari steak, egg washed & sautéed with lemons, capers, onions, butter & white wine, served with pasta & vegetables.


Chicken Parmesan15

Chicken breast, egg washed and sautéed with jack cheese, parmesan, white wine & marinara, served with pasta & vegetables.


Grilled Tilapia HEART HEALTHY!16

Tilapia filet, herb-rubbed & grilled, served with whole wheat pasta (with marinara sauce) and steamed vegetables.



Our Award Winning “To Die For”6

Layers of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, with lady fingers soaked in rum, Peach Schnapps, Sprite and Orange juice. Mixed with sweetened cream cheese filling and topped with a homemade almond torte.



Our version of the Italian “pick me up”. Espresso flavored cream cheese filling, layered with lady fingers soaked in rum, espresso, coffee liqueur and cola with cinnamon sprinkled throughout and a thin layer of chocolate at the bottom.


“Sin Pie”5

Rich chocolate fudge with a hint of Crème de Menthe, with a graham cracker crust, with whipped cream.


Homemade Cheesecake5.5


“JackDanielsChocolate Mousse Pie”5.5

Crusted chocolate cookie pie crust filled with a light chocolate mousse. A hint of Jack Daniels, fresh whipped cream and topped with shaved bittersweet chocolate.


Crème Brulee4

A small portion of rich vanilla flavored egg custard, topped with a layer of caramelized sugar.


Carrot Cake6

Walnuts, shredded coconut, crushed pineapple, pureed carrots and cinnamon make up our delicious carrot cake, topped with cream cheese icing.



Café Latte5
Café Mocha5
Hot Chocolate4
Café Italiano8

An excellent blend of coffee, Frangelica, Tuaca & Disaronno Amaretto!